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Visa for members of non-catholic clergy

Procedures available

Visa applications for members of non-Catholic clergy which involve temporary residence in Argentina may only be made at the Consular Office of the Argentine Republic in the place of residence of the foreign national.


Applications are personal and the applicant must submit the following documents (an original copy and copy) at the Consular Office:

  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months at the time of entering Argentina, with at least two (2) blank pages

  2. Two (2) current 4 x 4 cm photographs, facing the camera, printed in colour, on a white background

  3. Visa application form filled out (preferably in electronic format) and signed by the applicant

  4. Proof of habitual residence within the jurisdiction of the Consulate (such as a utility bill or other document that serves as proof)
  5. In the case of travellers aged 16 or older, an apostilled or legalized certificate of good conduct issued by the competent authority of the countries where they resided for more than one year over the previous three years

  6. In the case of travellers aged 16 or older, Commitment to tell the truth or Sworn affidavit of their lack of a criminal record in other countries, signed before the consul

  7. Nota de invitación que contenga los siguientes datos: a) Comunidad, congregación o diócesis donde desarrollará tareas; b) Tipo de actividad a desarrollar (pastoral, comunitaria, docencia, etcétera); c) Dirección física y contactos de la entidad religiosa; d) Nombre de superior/provincial o autoridad responsable; e) Tiempo de permanencia en la República. La nota deberá estar firmada por un representante de la entidad inscripto en el Registro Nacional Único de Requirentes de Extranjeros (RENURE), y deberá ser presentada ante la Dirección General del Registro Nacional de Cultos del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, que certificará la firma. Luego, la carta deberá ser remitida por el invitante a la Representación Consular donde se finalice el trámite de visa.

  8. Invitation letter containing the following information: a) Community, congregation or diocese where the member of the clergy will perform tasks; b) Type of work to be carried out (pastoral, community, teaching, etc.); c) Address and contact information of the religious entity; d) Name of superior/province or authority in charge; e) Length of stay in the Argentine Republic. The letter must be signed by a representative of the entity registered with the National Registry of Petitioners on behalf of Foreign Applicants (RENURE) and submitted to the General Directorate for the National Registry of Religious Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, which will certify the signature. The letter must then be forwarded to the Consular Office where the visa application process is to be completed

  9. Payment of the migration fee, except for ministers of the religious entity

  10. Payment of consular fee: 250 US dollars or euros, depending on the Consular Office where the application is filed. The fee must be paid in the local currency of the Representation

  11. Consular interview

 Please note that Consular authorities may require supplementary or additional documents where deemed necessary.



How is it done: 

To begin the visa application procedure, please contact the relevant Consular Office in order to make an appointment and submit the required documents.