How does the National Contact Point (PNCA) work?

“The Argentine National Contact Point (PNCA) is the area in which Responsible Business Conduct (CER) is promoted through the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, working in accordance with criteria of visibility, accessibility, transparency and responsibility and performing its functions in an impartial, predictable, equitable manner and compatible with the principles and norms established in the Guidelines ”.

The ANCP has 3 basic functions:

  • Disseminate and promote the Guidelines among different stakeholders;
  • Offer Good Offices for claims that involve alleged non-observance of the Guidelines.
  • Prepare reports on its work for the meetings of the NCP Network of the OECD Investment Committee. The Argentine NCP is located within the scope of the National Directorate of Multilateral Economic Negotiations of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worshi


Short guide of the ANCP

Breve guía del PNCA

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