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Trade opportunities for Argentine agroindustrial machinery and technology in Guatemala

Tuesday, 27 July 2021
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On Monday, the Secretary for International Economic Relations of the Foreign Ministry, Jorge Neme, had a full work schedule in Guatemala with the goal of advancing the trade and cooperation agenda between both countries. “Through technology transfer and agricultural machinery, we will contribute to the rural development policies of Guatemala,” Secretary Neme stated.

Jorge Neme and Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo discussed the main issues on the bilateral agenda, including current economic negotiations and opportunities for increased bilateral trade. They highlighted the long tradition of joint work between both countries in multilateral fora and the cooperation with regard to regional candidacies. Neme expressed the gratitude of the Argentine government for the unconditional support of Guatemala for the Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

At the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry, Neme also met with Shirley Aguilar, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Foreign Relations, who was joined by a representative from the National Competitiveness Program (PRONACOM). During the meetings, the officials discussed the pending steps to obtain Argentina’s sanitary and phytosanitary certifications for agricultural and livestock products. They also reviewed some problems faced by Argentine pharmaceutical companies to conduct business in Guatemala. This sector has enormous potential for business development between both countries.

Neme also explained that the company Ternium, which has a significant presence in Guatemala, plans to invest USD 30 million to expand the capacities of its galvanizing plant, but certain conditions must first be met to implement the project. Finally, they reviewed new business opportunities in the agroindustrial, textile, metallurgical and fresh fruits sectors, particularly regarding tropical fruits and coffee exports to Argentina.

Secretary Neme also met with José Miguel A. Duro Tamasiunas, Deputy Minister of Rural Economic Development of Guatemala, and they discussed a work agenda to increase cooperation and trade between both countries. They agreed that Argentine cooperation will be focused on Guatemalan rural development, particularly on enhancing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, technology transfer, and improvement of the agricultural machinery equipment adapted to family agriculture.

Neme made a commitment to promote a technical cooperation mission soon. Deputy Minister Duro Tamasiunas noted that the Argentine contribution will be helpful for the rural development policy that is being carried out in Guatemala, which is aimed at increasing productivity through sustainable management of water resources and land use. This cooperation will enable further opening of the Guatemalan market for Argentine agricultural machinery.

Both officials discussed opportunities for the transfer of Argentine technology and genetics for livestock development, pastures and silvopastoral development models. Finally, Neme expressed the need for increased exchanges between Argentina and Guatemala and, in particular, they discussed sanitary certification for Argentine meat and phytosanitary certifications for Argentine fruits and high-quality Guatemalan tropical fruits.


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