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Argentina to present the outer limits of its continental shelf.

Sunday, 27 March 2016
Information for the Press N°: 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship will officially present tomorrow the outer limits of the Argentine Continental Shelf, a historic event that reaffirms our country’s sovereign rights over the South Atlantic, an area of great political, economic and strategic importance.

Foreign Minister Malcorra said, "This is a special occasion for Argentina. We have taken a major step towards demarcating the outer limit of our continental shelf—Argentina's longest border and our boundary out into humankind. The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, a scientific body comprised of 21 internationally renowned experts created pursuant to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, adopted by consensus—that is to say, with no votes against the proposal—the recommendations on the Argentine presentation."

The presentation of the outer limits of the Argentine Continental Shelf will take place on Monday 28 March at 11 a.m. at Palacio San Martín, in the presence of Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Carlos Foradori, national legislators, and Navy and Coastguard authorities.

The scientific, technical, and legal work that enabled the demarcation of the outer limit of the continental shelf was carried out by the National Commission on the Outer Limit of the Continental Shelf (COPLA) throughout twenty years of hard work. COPLA was created by a national law. It is presided over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and comprised of the Chief of the Naval Hydrographic Service and the Ministry of Economy. The development of the work plan is carried out by a specially-trained group of professionals. Additionally, these studies have made it possible to strengthen the knowledge of marine geology and existing resources.

The Argentine submission made in April 2009 included the outer limit of the continental shelf of the entire Argentine territory: the continental territory, the Malvinas, South Georgias, and South Sandwich Islands, and Argentine Antarctica.

Venue: Palacio San Martín.
Address: Esmeralda 1231.
Time: 11 a.m.
Note: Questions from the press will be answered at the end of the presentation.