The National Identity Document will have the new bicontinental map of Argentina

The National Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, and the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Filmus, announced at the Casa Rosada that the National Identity Document (DNI) will have the new bicontinental and insular map of Argentina to highlight the importance of the country's sovereignty.


Regarding the decision, announced on the National Sovereignty Day, last November 20, de Pedro considered that “we are paying off a debt with our own history and our own identity”. At the same time, he stressed that “the recognition of sovereignty extended over a portion of Antarctica and over the Malvinas Islands and the South Atlantic is also a part of what defines us as Argentines”. He also claimed that “as President Alberto Fernández said from San Pedro, sovereignty is the right and responsibility we have as a people and as a nation to be the owners and makers of our own destiny”.

For his part, Filmus stressed that “the decision for the bicontinental map to be on the national identity documents has to do with the importance that each Argentine is made aware of sovereignty over Antarctica, Malvinas and the South Atlantic and value the enormous dimension of our country, which extends from La Quiaca to the South Pole”.

“This same map, with the new demarcation of the outer limit of the Argentine continental shelf that was unanimously passed by the National Congress, will reach all the schools in the country so that the children can also embrace this perspective”, assured Filmus and finally he stated that “making the announcement on National Sovereignty Day also has to do with a central axis of the government, which is the defense of sovereign interests as a development strategy”.

The new National Identity Document includes an update of the Argentine Republic map that is printed on the front and back, with the updated bicontinental version to comply with the provisions of Law 26.651 of 2010.


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