Formation of the Commission for Dialogue for Malvinas in Syria

By Sebastián Zavalla, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the Syrian Arab Republic

Since December 2019, Argentina has promoted the establishment of Commissions for Dialogue for the Malvinas in different friendly countries, promoted by the Argentine Embassies abroad.

In line with this policy, on August 5, the Commission for Dialogue for the Malvinas in Syria was formed in Damascus, with a high-level meeting in which prominent personalities from the Syrian political, media, business, academic and artistic spheres participated. 

During the meeting, I reviewed the historical and legal foundations that support the claim of sovereignty for the legitimate Argentine rights over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgias, South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime areas, as well as delivered material in Arabic on the Malvinas Question and Commission background.

After a fruitful exchange of ideas about possible actions to be carried out from this forum, those present agreed on an action plan for the dissemination and public visibility of the Malvinas Question in Syria. The activities planned for the remainder of the current year will consist of the installation of a plaque with the map of the Malvinas Islands in the monument that honors Argentina in Damascus and in a presentation at the Syrian International Academy for students, political authorities and special guests, among others.

Syria supports the legitimate sovereign rights of Argentina in the Malvinas Question and has voted in favor of all the resolutions of the UN General Assembly on the Question. On the other hand, the country is a member and rapporteur of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, within which it accompanies the consensus for the adoption of the annual resolution on the Question of the Malvinas Islands and intervenes regularly in support of the Argentine position. It is also part of the G77 and China forums and of the South America - Arab Countries Summits (ASPA), spaces in which statements favorable to the Argentine position on the Malvinas Question have been adopted, with its support.


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