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Cascos Blancos participated in the XVI Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Integral Management of Disaster Risks of MERCOSUR (RMAGIR).

Thursday 11 April 2019

The White Helmets Comission presidente, Alejandro Daneri Ambassador, presided the aforementioned meeting held on the 11th of april as the Argentina 's National Coordinator, in charge of RMAGIR pro tempore presidency.

The representatives of the participating nations (Argentina,Brazil,Paraguay and Uruguay) met at the San Martin Palace, headquarter of the Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Workship in Buenos Aires.

Among different issues raised during the meeting, the schedule of meetings for the coming months was resolved, with special emphasis on the RMAGIR - CAPRADE Convergence Meeting that will take place between 13 and 17 May in Geneva, Switzerland. The RMAGIR Biennial Action Plan (2019-2020) was also discussed.

The meeting concluded with the signature of all the States member of the definitive version of the

The Meeting concluded with the signature of all States Parties of the final version of the "Disaster Risk Management Strategy of MERCOSUR Countries". RMAGIR was created within the framework of MERCOSUR on December 20, 2015 with the objective of advising and proposing measures, policies and actions at the highest level in the field of integrated disaster risk management.