Border Situation

Easing of requirements for entry into Argentina


Border reopening to neighbouring countries

As from 1 October

Argentines or residents from neighbouring countries that have stayed in those countries for the last 14 days prior to entering Argentina.

Safe borders

  • Misiones: Iguazú/Puerto Iguazú Border Centre and Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport.
  • Mendoza: Sistema Cristo Redentor Border Centre, Horcones crossing, and Francisco Gabrielli "El Plumerillo" International Airport.
  • Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area: Ezeiza International Airport, Jorge Newbery Airport, San Fernando International Airport, Buquebús Port Terminal and Colonia Express Port Terminal.
  • Ushuaia: Malvinas Argentinas International Airport and Ushuaia Port (as from 20 October).

Additional ones requested by the provinces and authorised by the Federal Government will also be included

Entry Requirements

For the tourism pilot plan:

  • Full vaccination: 14 days before entry.
  • PCR negative test taken up to 72 hours before and antigen test at the place of entry.
  • PCR test in the following 5/7 days if the person remains in Argentina.
  • Minors not fully vaccinated will be subject to a quarantine period.
  • Insurance covering Covid-19.
  • 14 days after Argentina reaches 50% of its population being fully vaccinated, travellers entering the country who are fully vaccinated will be exempt from quarantine.

Non-resident foreigners entering Argentina for purposes other than tourism and not able to provide proof of full vaccination, who are duly authorized by the Migrations Office to enter the country for work or medical reasons, will be subject to a quarantine period and must have Covid-19 medical insurance.



Opening of cruise ship season. As from 20 October, port activity in the Argentine Republic will be authorized.



As from 1 November, reopening to non-resident foreigners from all countries.

Gradual increase in quotas

By air:

From 1 to 3 October: 2,300 daily quota

From 4 to 10 October: 21,000 weekly quota

As from 11 October and until 14 days have passed from the date on which Argentina reaches 50% of the population being fully vaccinated: 28,000 weekly quota.

As from the date on which Argentina reaches 50% of its population being fully vaccinated: removal of quotas.

Maritime-river frequency: 5 weekly trips per company.

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