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Moving tribute at Darwin Cemetery to recently identified war heroes

Wednesday 13 March 2019
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Today, Wednesday 13 March, a new group of relatives of soldiers fallen in the Malvinas War travelled to the Malvinas Islands to pay homage to their loved ones. Another 22 Argentine heroes whose remains were recently located, within the context of the Malvinas Humanitarian Plan, now rest in peace at Darwin Cemetery, each under a memorial plaque bearing his name and surname.

"I imagine they experienced a deeply moving moment today in the Malvinas Islands, before the graves bearing the names of the 112 previously unidentified soldiers," Foreign Minister Faurie stated this afternoon when he welcomed the relatives at Ezeiza International Airport.

"These trips are, above all, a relief for the soul of each one of those who lost their lives for the Argentine people, and for their families," the Foreign Minister stated. "Welcome to the mainland and thank you for bringing the memory of the extension of our homeland, the Malvinas Islands," he added.

After the historic first trip on 26 March 2018, which was a true milestone after the South Atlantic Conflict, Argentina considered once again the need to pay homage to the fallen soldiers, taking one further step to honour a historical debt that was owed for 37 years, especially to the relatives of the Argentine heroes whose remains had been buried as "Argentine Soldier Known Only unto God".

Today, after arriving at our Malvinas Islands, the group of relatives travelled by land to Darwin Cemetery. There, during a moment of reflection and intimacy, they were able to pay a moving tribute. It was a deeply moving moment for the entire delegation, which will be forever etched in the memory of all participants.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry and the Secretariat for Human Rights worked jointly, alongside the Commission of Relatives of the Fallen in the Malvinas and the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of Corporación América, on the organization of the logistic aspects of the visit.

The Malvinas Humanitarian Plan, an unprecedented initiative entrusted in late 2016 by Argentina and the United Kingdom to the International Committee of the Red Cross, has since then facilitated the identification of the remains of 112 heroes thanks to the joint work between politics and science. This humanitarian mission is also the result of the progress and advances in the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United Kingdom promoted by the Argentine Government.

By taking this step, we continue working to alleviate this painful wound and building a pathway towards a true historic reparation for those who lost their lives defending our Homeland.

Press Release No. 090/19


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