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MERCOSUR-EU: Statements

Friday 28 June 2019

Jorge Faurie, Foreign Minister: "The Mercosur – EU agreement is much more than just an agreement: it is strategic progress in terms of Argentina's position in the international arena, and it strengthens the trade agenda of our country and our bloc.  It is a true milestone for Argentina's foreign policy and its international integration because inclusive development and growth cannot be achieved in solitude. Instead, they require more and better rules-based international trade.

 Dante Sica, Minister of Production and Labour: "The Mercosur – EU agreement is a fundamental step for our policy of "smart integration" with the world. Argentina used to be closed to the world. In 2015, we were the third most closed economy behind Nigeria and Sudan, and we had trade agreements covering just 10% of global GDP. With this agreement, we will reach 30%, which means that our SMEs will access a market of 500 million people. In the more immediate term, this agreement with the EU is crucial because it provides institutional quality, clear rules, transparency and predictability, which is key to attracting investments.

 Luis Miguel Etchevere, Secretary of Agro-Industry: "It is a historic agreement which places Mercosur in a key position as supplier of food at a global level.  Our region is one of the world's main producers, and we have the quantity and quality of products required to trade with Europe. It is a great opportunity for Argentina to make its regional economies more predictable. There will be an increase in their exports, which will result in more jobs and investment, and will cause producers to put down roots in the places were they produce.

 Horacio Reyser, Secretary for International Economic Relations and Chief Negotiator on behalf of Argentina:  "This agreement marks the beginning of a new stage in terms of the economic-trade integration of Argentina, and it has potential to be crucial in terms of national productive transformation, while guaranteeing long-term sustainable development and growth. It is a key element of the structural change that our country is experiencing."

 Marisa Bircher, Secretary of Foreign Trade: "After 20 years of negotiations, we have managed to reach a historic agreement for Mercosur and our country. Today, we have a unique opportunity to be recognized at a global level, promote international trade, diversify and increase our exports, increase investment and strengthen economic growth."