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Meeting of foreign ministers Solá and Blinken during G20

Tuesday, 29 June 2021
Information for the Press N°: 

Foreign Minister Felipe Solá arrived this morning in Matera, Italy, to participate in the G20 Meeting of Foreign and Development Ministers. At noon, he held a working meeting for over forty minutes with the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony John Blinken.

During the friendly and constructive meeting, both officials agreed on strengthening mutual trust, further engaging in sincere dialogue on all common matters—including those in which their governments have different views—and facing global and regional challenges.

They discussed the agenda to fight climate change and positively recalled the participation of President Alberto Fernández, invited by Joseph Biden, in the Leaders Summit on Climate, organised in April by the United States. Blinken highlighted Argentina’s commitment and leadership in the field, with a view to the next COP 26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Foreign Minister was joined by the Argentine Sherpa for the G20 and Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello; the Chief of the Private Office of the Foreign Ministry, Guillermo Justo Chaves, and the Argentine Ambassador to the Republic of Italy, Roberto Carlés.

The officials discussed the global consequences and responses to the pandemic and the temporary nature of flight restrictions as a way to prevent the arrival of the Delta variant in the country.

Solá also highlighted President Biden’s speech on his 100th day in office, which addressed topics such as the incentives for economic recovery, jobs and unions.

Both officials discussed the situation in Nicaragua and shared their concern over the recent events in that country.

Solá also explained to his counterpart the market access problem for Argentine biodiesel in the United Stated and questioned countervailing tariffs. Ambassador Argüello noted that this topic is on the table, and steps are being taken in order to resume discussions.

The officials also discussed Argentina’s debt and Secretary Blinken told Solá he was aware of Argentina’s proposal to the International Monetary Fund to obtain more flexibility during negotiations.

Finally, Solá provided details about Argentina’s vaccination plan, which includes the administration of various vaccines, and welcomed President Biden’s decision to make a donation to face the pandemic, and to include Argentina among recipient countries.

Felipe Solá con Antony_Bilateral en el G20