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Measures adopted by Argentina against Nicolás Maduro's illegitimate regime

Friday, 07 June 2019
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Within the framework of the measures agreed by the Lima Group for its members to adopt after 10 January 2019 -starting date of a new presidential term of Nicolas Maduro's illegitimate regime-, Argentina banned the entry of high-ranking officials and persons closely linked to Venezuela's regime.

The ban was recently extended and currently covers 426 individuals, including all members of the National Constituent Assembly of Maduro's government.

In addition, Argentina suspended the application of the Agreement between Argentina and Venezuela on the visa waiver for holders of diplomatic, official or service passports, issued alerts to banking and financial institutions regarding the risks of conducting business with the government of Venezuela or with companies owned by or under the control of Venezuela, and suspended military cooperation with Nicolás Maduro's regime.

These measures seek to favour the return of democracy to Venezuela by affecting only individuals linked to Maduro's dictatorial regime and not the Venezuelan people, for whom Argentina ratifies its solidarity and support in their fight for freedom and respect for human rights.