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Malvinas Islands' "desk" at Expo Prado 2018

Thursday 13 September 2018
Information for the Press N°: 

Regarding the Malvinas Islands "desk" within the United Kingdom's pavilion at the International Exhibition of Cattle Breeding, Agri-Industry and Trade held in Montevideo on 5-16 September, we inform that the Argentine Embassy in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, prior to the inauguration of the exhibition, as in previous years, has conveyed to local authorities and organizers of Expo Prado (a private organization independent from the Uruguayan Government) Argentina's dissatisfaction with the presence of such desk.

It should be noted that the inclusion of the "desk" is not in line with the spirit of positive actions promoted by Argentina since 2015, with a view to strengthening cooperation and dialogue in its bilateral relationship with the United Kingdom.


Press Release No. 366/18

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