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Foreign Minister Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre and met with authorities from the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos (CONUAR S.A.)

Monday, 26 February 2024
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Today, Foreign Minister Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre (CAE), one of the main nuclear complexes in Argentina, which belongs to the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA).

Mondino was received by Dr. Adriana Cristina Serquis, Head of the CNEA, together with other CNEA authorities, who made a presentation on the RA-10, the multipurpose reactor currently under construction on the premises. Then, they conducted a tour of the work that the CNEA is carrying out in collaboration with INVAP, whose current overall completion rate is at 80%.

Once completed, the facility will enable the production of radioisotopes for medical, industrial and agricultural use, targeting both the domestic and international markets. Additionally, it will make it possible to supply doped silicon and use advanced neutron techniques at the Argentine Neutron Beam Laboratory (LAHN) for bioscience, biotechnology, drug design, and materials science and technology, among other fields.  

Mondino also visited the CONUAR S.A. plant, where she was received by the company’s CEO, Pablo Schroeder, and the officers in charge of international insertion. CONUAR is a strategic company in the Argentine nuclear sector engaged in the manufacture of nuclear fuels and different components for nuclear reactors through three business units.

This company has been the main supplier of the internal components used in the life extension project for the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant (CNE). Furthermore, it has been awarded international certifications to export different components, and has exported nuclear technology to countries such as Canada, China, India and Romania. During the visit, actions were agreed upon to promote the high value-added exports of CONUAR S.A.

In this context, the Foreign Minister highlighted Argentina's longstanding history of over seven decades in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, an achievement that has resulted in a highly developed and sophisticated nuclear ecosystem with export potential. She also conveyed the Foreign Ministry's support for continued promotion of nuclear sector activities at the international level, particularly those aimed at achieving exports with high aggregate technology content.

Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre (CAE)
Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre (CAE)
Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre (CAE)
Mondino visited the Ezeiza Atomic Centre (CAE)