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FIU president appointed as head of International Group against Money Laundering

Thursday 4 July 2019
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Mariano Federici, President of the Financial Information Unit of the Argentine Republic (FIU-AR), was appointed by his colleagues to preside over the Egmont Group, an organization in Canada which gathers all FIUs in the world (164 in total), sets forth principles and offers a platform to facilitate the international exchange of financial intelligence information between such units.

Through the safe network provided by the Egmont Group, FIUs exchange information on suspected money laundering operations associated with corruption, drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime, as well as on the financing of terrorism.

The goal of the information exchange through the safe network provided by the Egmont Group is to protect economic and financial integrity and offer information to contribute to the search for truth and justice in penal courts.

Federici is the first Argentine national to be appointed for such position in the history of the organization. He was appointed within the context of the 26th Plenary Meeting of the Egmont Group, which was presided over by the Head of the Dutch FIU until today.

The opening of the plenary meeting was attended by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who delivered an eloquent speech on the complementarity between financial integrity and the promotion of financial inclusion.