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Argentina- Germany: Felipe Solá and Heiko Maas agreed on possible energy partnership

Thursday, 24 June 2021
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Foreign Minister Solá and his German counterpart, the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, attended the “Future Forum: Argentina and Germany, energy bonds and digital transformation” virtual conference where they highlighted the potential cooperation and partnership in the fields of energy and clean production, among other issues related to industry 4.0.

Solá stated that “Argentina is a leader in the development and dissemination of industry 4.0,” and that “Argentina has productive capacities and an internationally recognized scientific basis that place it within a select group of countries that export high-quality services and added value at competitive prices.” In addition, he stressed that “various Argentine unicorns are already operating in the European market where Germany is Argentina’s largest trade partner.”

Regarding the energy transition, he said that “Germany will be a preferred partner in constructing the hydrogen society in which Argentina wants to participate as a major producer, consumer and exporter.” In this regard, he stressed that “the Argentine Foreign Ministry is part of the Inter-ministerial Hydrogen Board, which designs a national strategy to promote green hydrogen.”

“We, like all governments around the world, are called upon to embrace a shared commitment to face the pandemic, climate change, globalization and digital transformation,” Foreign Minister Solá stated, and added that the AgTech, Biotechnology, Medical and Digital Health Technology, Nuclear and Satellite sectors are “the technologies that in our emerging countries help reduce the gap vis à vis the more developed economies.”

Heiko Maas stated that “the close economic relations between our countries need to be enhanced.” And he added: “We are willing to do more through a bridge of start-ups, a closer connection in the industry 4.0 and offers in the dual vocational training system for young Argentines.” “In the field of management of energy transition at the global level we have a lot to offer each other. There is vast potential for an energy partnership between Germany and Argentina, which is already being discussed by our Ministers of Economy,” he highlighted.

“In order to advance swiftly in all these issues, we have created the Argentina – Germany Future Forum,” concluded Maas.

Organized by the German embassy in Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), the “Future Forum: Argentina and Germany” is an initiative that is part of the economic cooperation between both nations with a focus on digitalization, industrial development and a partnership in the field of energy focused on the development of renewable energy.

The Forum was attended by CIPPEC’s Management Council Chair, Sergio Kaufman; the German ambassador to Argentina, Ulrich Sante, and other officials and technology and energy specialists of various institutions.

Canciller Felipe Solá y Heiko Maas