International cooperation

Technical cooperation strengthens ties to other countries and builds a positive image of Argentina in the global arena, facilitating bilateral, regional and multilateral negotiations by showcasing a reliable country with quality, experienced resources, and respectful of the institutions of the countries with which it interacts.

Argentina's experience in the context of South-South and Triangular Cooperation has proven that, through dialogue and the search for complementarity, it is possible to achieve results with a social, economic and environmental impact that lead to well-being and progress in our societies. Thus, Argentina has established itself as a relevant actor in the field of Triangular Cooperation under the premise of building, from the South, a bridge across the diversity of paradigms and actors.

To such end, Argentina has the Argentine Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (FO.AR), which over more than 25 years has established and developed partnerships for development. Its purpose is to build capacity through the sharing of knowledge, technologies and best practices, as well as to create more dynamic development processes by means of technical assistance provided in the context of international cooperation projects.

In order to foster sub-national government presence in the international context through cooperation, the Federal FO.AR Fund offers a possibility for Argentine provinces and municipalities to participate as project counterparts, or to send experts in the context of international cooperation activities. The scope of cooperation is also extended by the recent incorporation of new actors that contribute to capacity building with their experience and knowledge. Foundations, chambers of commerce and universities, among others, have contributed in order to achieve a greater impact on the proposed development objectives.

There are currently more than 130 technical cooperation projects in different regions around the world. When other countries request a partnership with Argentina, the fields they ask to work on are those in which our country can offer added value: Agroindustry, Productive Technology Innovation/Science and Technology, Creative Industries, Environment, Healthcare, and Human Rights. In addition, and in terms of geographical distribution, Latin America is the region that has profited the most from cooperation. Over the past few years, Africa and Asia have become particularly dynamic, which has led us to increase our presence in Mozambique, Thailand, China, and Singapore, among others.