Argentina actively participates in the G20, the main international forum for economic, financial and political cooperation, which includes the world’s leading developed and developing economies. The group is comprised of 19 countries and the European Union, and its members jointly account for 85% of global GDP, two-thirds of the world population and 75% of international trade, with a critical impact in terms of determining the future of the world economy.

The G20 works as a coordination mechanism that facilitates dialogue between leaders on significant global challenges and public policy decisions. The group's actions are coordinated through meetings, working sessions and discussions on agenda items, constantly working in a coordinated manner on the preparation and follow-up of the commitments adopted by consensus at the main event: the Leaders’ Summit.

Argentina has been a member of the G20 since the beginning and is chairing the group throughout 2018.

Our vision for the G20 is that of a group of countries cooperating to generate inclusive knowledge, which is why the slogan of the Argentine Presidency of the G20 is "Building consensus for fair and sustainable development." Our presidency is based on the search for consensus, equality and sustainability for the development and well-being of individuals. In addition, we intend to be the voice of an entire region (Latin America and the Caribbean), which is why we have placed the concerns and aspirations of this region and of other developing regions at the centre of the G20.

As President of the G20, Argentina aims at being an active leader at the global level, since it has the opportunity of significantly influencing the agenda of the most important world forum in order to strengthen global stability and governance. This also presents us with the unique opportunity of contributing our own view on globalization and contributing to building consensus for fair and sustainable development for all.