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Faurie on Venezuelan migration: "It is an unprecedented emergency in our region and we must work together"

Thursday 4 July 2019
Information for the Press N°: 

"It is an emergency our region had never faced before. Migratory processes had emerged from other situations and in other regions of the world. Now we must face the displacement of more than 3 million people to our countries, and others are heading to Europe," stated Foreign Minister Faurie at the 4th International Technical Meeting on Human Mobility of Venezuelan Citizens in the Region.

Joined by the General Director of the International Organization for Migration, Diego Beltrand; the UNHCR Regional Coordinator for the Venezuela situation, José Samaniego; the National Director for Migrations, Horacio García; the Venezuelan diplomatic representative, Elisa Trotta, and the Director for Consular Affairs, Luis María Sobrón, at the Palacio San Martín, Faurie stated that "Argentina is particularly committed to the Venezuelan situation, and we are working along with the Lima Group to deal with the humanitarian, economic, social and political crisis, but especially the lack of freedom."

"I hope we can help Venezuelans fully restore their nation's prosperity, a nation which has helped countries of the region, including Argentina, many times in recent history.  President Mauricio Macri has been clearly committed to democracy and human rights in Venezuela since he was mayor of the City of Buenos Aires," he added.

Faurie underscored the fact that the Foreign Ministry "is working with the National Directorate for Migration and the support of UNHCR and IOM, so this meeting will be very important to determine how we host migrants and approach the impact on the job market, health systems, the special care of children and the prevention of human trafficking."

In a room full of foreign delegations and representatives of international organizations and observers, Faurie clearly stated that "the crisis caused by Nicolás Maduro's dictatorial regime is the clear basis for all this chaos, this tragedy which requires joint action."  

The Argentine Foreign Minister highlighted the need to have "a regional platform with information on refugees and migrants. The southern countries know how to engage in dialogue to solve things, understand how we can help each other and find solutions. We need to keep doing that, and that is why this meeting is key to developing joint policies, better practices and more efficient migratory procedures."

Finally, Faurie congratulated Elisa Trotta on Venezuela's Independence Day, which is celebrated on 5 July. "I hope we can soon celebrate that day without all these stories of tragedy and displacement, and I know the work resulting from this forum will be useful for that purpose," he concluded. 



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