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Third Strategic Dialogue between China and Argentina on Economic Cooperation and Coordination

20 April 2017
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The Secretary for International Economic Relations of the Foreign Ministry, Horacio Reyser, participated in a high-level meeting to hold the “Third Strategic Dialogue between China and Argentina on economic cooperation and coordination”, at the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China.

The parties assessed the current state of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two countries and concluded that the relationship is strong and is evolving favourably.

In the context of President Macri's next State visit, they agreed to continue their efforts to strengthen the bilateral relationship and take it to a new level of integration.

Reyser stated that “trade with China rose significantly in the last few years, which has made the country our second trade partner. Bilateral trade goods range from primary goods, mainly soybeans (Argentina), to manufactured goods and capital goods such as railway equipment, machinery, phones and toys (China).”

The Argentine delegation included the Chiefs of Cabinet of the Ministries of Finance, Pablo Quirno, and of Transport, Pedro Sorop, as well as officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Transport, Energy and Agroindustry.

Heading the Chinese delegation was the Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, Wang Xiaotao, accompanied by representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, the National Energy Administration and large Chinese banks and companies.

Both sides acknowledged that differences arise in every high-intensity agenda, such as the one between the two countries, and concluded that “the willingness of both Argentina and China to develop the bilateral relationship is stronger than any circumstantial obstacles, which have already been surmounted or will be overcome in the short term.”

The meeting addressed issues pertaining to investment and financing projects, including the renovation of the Belgrano Cargas and the San Martín Cargas trains, the construction of hydropower plants in the province of Santa Cruz and the project for the construction of two nuclear plants, which is at an advanced stage of negotiation. Provincial projects were also assessed, such as “El Tambolar” in San Juan and the Solar Park in Jujuy.

In addition, key issues on the binational agenda were discussed, ranging from mining to tourism development and cooperation in the field of football.

“The Chinese-Argentine agenda is one of the most comprehensive bilateral agendas of our country, which will continue to grow in importance in the medium and long terms,” the Argentine Ambassador, Diego Guelar, stated at the end of the meeting.


PICTURE 1: Secretary Reyser and the Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, Wang Xiaotao.



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