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Speech by Faurie at CARI dinner: "The doors that have opened up must turn into concrete results"

29 November 2017
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At the annual dinner party of the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) held last night at the Argentine Rural Society, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie delivered a speech to national government officials, diplomats and representatives of business chambers and underscored that "Argentina has taken on the challenge of achieving its smart insertion into the international system so as to assume a leading role."

"It is clearer than ever that Argentina must seize this opportunity and meet the increasing demands of citizens, in a context of rapid changes and multiple incentives," Faurie stated.

He also stated that "in contrast to a long time of isolation in the recent past, President Mauricio Macri's administration has had to pursue a pragmatic foreign policy, maintaining Argentina's fundamental principles and values, so as to assume a leading role at the international level," and added that "the main goal of these efforts is to achieve our society's welfare for it to be open, fair, inclusive and integrated."

In addition, Faurie stated that we aim at "modernizing the production structure, opening up more markets for our exports and attracting investment, especially in infrastructure, energy sources and connectivity, in order to enhance our competitiveness," as a part of "an international trust-building process, evidenced by the full program of visits and actions that have contributed to Argentina's insertion."

The Foreign Minister highlighted that: "The doors that have opened up must turn into concrete results to fulfil our commitments. In this regard, this year we have entered into 125 technical cooperation agreements through the Argentine Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (Fo.Ar.); we have improved foreign relations with our neighbouring countries; we have strengthened economic complementarity agreements with Chile, Colombia and Mexico; we have restored cordial relations with the United States, and we have restored the political and economic relations that have long connected Argentina with Europe."

The Foreign Minister also underscored that closer ties at the regional level have been forged, thus fostering advances towards a Mercosur-EU agreement, and that a Roadmap has been established with the Pacific Alliance, in addition to the initiative for an invitation to become an OECD member.

"We have organized the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference; we will hold the G20 Presidency; we will host the UN Conference on South-South Cooperation in 2019, the Expo Buenos Aires 2023, the Youth Olympic Games, the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit, and we will prepare the Antarctic Treaty Meeting," the Foreign Minister listed.

"This affords Argentina a key role in facilitating consensus at a challenging time," he concluded.

During his speech, Faurie also expressed his appreciation towards the 13 countries that "so kindly and without hesitation" have offered help and technical assistance in the search for the ARA San Juan.


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