Newsletter - February 2017

For the second consecutive year, Argentina was present at the Davos World Economic Forum. The country delegation took advantage of the meeting to present the potential of Argentina's economy as an investment destination, as well as to advocate trade integration in the face of a possible resurgence of protectionism.

Argentina has launched its 2016-2017 Antarctic Summer Campaign, during which the Argentine Antarctic Institute will conduct its most intense scientific activities. The Argentine Antarctic Programme, one of the world's most active and prominent ones, exemplifies a State policy that has remained unaltered for more than a century.
The Spanish contemporary art fair is one of the top events in the international art market and provides a unique opportunity to showcase Argentine contemporary art to buyers, critics and researchers from around the world.
New cooperation projects between both countries seek to contribute to the Colombian peace process and to strengthen bonds in priority areas such as the fight against drug trafficking, poverty elimination and access to justice.

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