Newsletter - February 2018

February being a very busy month in terms of Antarctic activity, we especially focused our attention on our southern stations and, naturally, on the work of our scientists. 22 February marked the 114th anniversary of Argentina's permanent, uninterrupted presence in the white continent, which we celebrated with an event at which we contacted the personnel of the Argentine Antarctic Stations of Orcadas, Carlini, Marambio and Esperanza by video conference. We did so not just to reach across geographical distance, but also to highlight and publicize the generous work carried out by our compatriots in Antarctica…
During the past year, the Argentine Antarctic Institute increased its production of papers on biological and geo-palaeontological issues for publication and prepared over 20 scientific advisory reports at international fora. In addition, the Institute has disseminated Argentina's scientific activity in Antarctica since 1951 and above all maintains its commitment to Argentine society.
In the context of his Latin American tour, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed the main issues on the bilateral dialogue agenda between Argentina and the United States alongside President Macri and other Cabinet ministers.
In December 2017, Argentina was reinstated as a beneficiary of the United States Generalized System of Preferences, after having been suspended since 2012. This will afford greater competitiveness to Argentina's exports to the U.S. market.
Silvia Morimoto, the new representative of the United Nations Development Programme, renews the commitment towards cooperation with a strong focus on achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda. Ms. Morimoto intends to maintain good practices and programmes in projects under implementation, as well as to further diversify funding sources, keep the results-based approach and develop an increasingly federal project portfolio.

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