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Faurie: “La igualdad de género nos hará un país mejor”

27 April 2018
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Agreement between Argentina and UN Women

Today, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and the UN Women Regional Director for the Americas and the Caribbean, Luiza Carvalho, signed a Cooperation Agreement between the Argentine Government and UN Women at the Palacio San Martín, in the context of an event attended by the Vice President of the Argentine Republic, Gabriela Michetti, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, and the head of the National Women's Institute, Fabiana Tuñez.

"We believe that gender equality will make Argentina a better country," Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie stated this afternoon at the Palacio San Martín, noting that our country "needs the contribution of all its women".

"This is an issue that concerns all of us, not only women," because "it requires a commitment from the Government and civil society," the Foreign Minister explained at the signing of the agreement, highlighting that it represents "a qualitative leap forward as regards gender equality" and offers "an opportunity to foster projects that strengthen women's political participation and leadership, as well as their inclusion in non-traditional economic sectors, and to prevent and eradicate gender-based violence."

As a result of the agreement, UN Women will begin to implement a "National Programme for Equality" in Argentina. In addition, the agreement will help to strengthen and enhance the impact of civil society, private sector and academia actions in furtherance of this goal. The Argentine Foreign Minister underscored "the importance of the UN Women office" in Argentina, which "has technical capacities and experience in order to provide valuable technical assistance to improve the development of policies, plans and programmes aimed at the effective enforcement of women's rights."

Minister Faurie stated that "this is one of President Macri's priorities on the national agenda, and we have also introduced a gender perspective into Argentina's three priorities during its G20 Presidency —the future of work, infrastructure for development and sustainable food security for the future—.  Minister Faurie highlighted the passage of the gender equality law, which will guarantee gender-equal representation in party lists as from 2019.

The Vice President of the Argentine Republic, Gabriela Michetti, stated that "an approach which excludes the perspective of women is incomplete, defective" and that "a woman's viewpoint enriches debate".

For her part, the Regional Director for the Americas and the Caribbean, Luiza Carvalho, noted that "the UN Women office is an innovative, low-cost office that supports the Government and civil society" and commended Argentina's progress on women's rights, highlighting that our country has signed the most important agreements on gender issues.


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