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End of Third Round of Negotiations to Expand and Deepen Economic Complementarity Agreement No.6 between Argentina and Mexico

11 August 2017
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On August 7-10, 2017, the Third Round of Negotiations to Expand and Deepen Economic Complementarity Agreement No. 6 (ECA 6) between Argentina and Mexico was held in Mexico City.

The purpose of the negotiation is, on the one hand, to improve access for products already included in the Agreement through tariff reductions and simplification of technical and sanitary requirements, and, on the other hand, to expand the scope of the Agreement to include new products so far not negotiated. Lastly, the aim of the negotiations is also to update the Agreement by including new subjects.

During the Third Round, the teams of Argentina and Mexico analyzed the list of products exchanged in July and worked on the basis of the agreed methodology.

Sessions on the following trade disciplines were held during this Third Round of Negotiations: Market Access, Rules of Origin, Trade Facilitation, Technical Barriers to Trade, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Competition Policy, Government Procurement, Safeguards, Services, Investment, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Improvement and Institutional Aspects and Dispute Resolution.

Both countries expressed their satisfaction with the achievements made during the meetings, among which the identification of products of interest of the Parties can be highlighted.

The Round in the Federal District was attended by representatives of the private sector from the two countries, who held bilateral meetings and provided support in the negotiations, responding to enquiries concerning different matters addressed in this Round.

Argentina and Mexico agreed to hold the 4th Round of Negotiations in November, in Buenos Aires, so as to conclude negotiations in the short term. Prior to such date, the technical teams from both countries will continue to move forward with particular aspects of the negotiation through video-conferences.

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