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Alum Langone case

06 February 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby informs that Alum Langone Avalos has been found in the Republic of Indonesia and will be entrusted to the Argentine consular authority in order to be returned to her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Avalos, who is already in Indonesia.

The Government of the Argentine Republic expresses its deep appreciation to the Indonesian authorities, especially the Jakarta and Sulawesi Police, as well as the Prosecutor's Office of Toraja city and INTERPOL Indonesia. In addition, we wish to thank the Indonesian Foreign Ministry and several Indonesian citizens for providing information and cooperating in the search for the child.

Furthermore, we underscore the professional and human quality of the work done by our officials at the Embassies in Malaysia and Indonesia, who received the letters rogatory issued by Federal Court in Criminal Matters No. 32, presided over by Judge Santiago Quian Zavalía.

This Foreign Ministry values the excellent team work that made it possible to locate Alum and reunite her with her mother. 


Press release No. 037/18

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